Auto Insurance in Alabama: Guide to the Best Auto Insurance

Looking for auto insurance in Alabama? This guide will help you find the best auto insurance companies in Alabama. We considered customer satisfaction, average 2021 quoted premiums, and J.D. Power Auto Insurance Study scores to identify which insurers are writing the best auto insurance policies in Alabama. Fortunately, many of these top companies offer standout coverages and affordable premiums – so you can easily find a company that’s right for your needs!

Auto Insurance in Alabama

The Basics of Auto Insurance in Alabama

Alabama is a state that has everything covered – from the roar of stock car engines to football fans at an Alabama-Auburn game. From Gulf Coast shores to soaring mountains, there are so many reasons why we love this place! So what about auto insurance? we can help and getting an Alabama auto insurance quote from Alabama is simple, too.

Additional Info for Alabama Drivers

One of the most dangerous activities in Alabama is driving, but many people don’t realize they are breaking a law if they fail to have their car insured. If you’re caught without insurance and it’s your first offense, there will be fines or license suspension for up to 6 months. The second time? You’ll lose your driver’s license indefinitely until you register again with no tickets within 12 consecutive calendar months from when you registered previously!

Alabama has one of the highest rates of uninsured motorists in America; however, this can quickly change with strong enforcement which demands mandatory liability coverage on all vehicles used publicly. Fines range from $100-$500 depending on how often someone gets fined each year (usually not more than

For the first time in Alabama, law enforcement officers can verify whether or not a motorist is insured by simply looking up their vehicle’s license plate number on an online system. This saves them from having to run every person who breaks traffic laws through this process and allows for a more efficient workflow as they focus on those without insurance.

The State of Alabama Online Insurance Verification System has been operational since January 2013. According to officials it’s already proving fruitful benefits such that police are able to concentrate less manpower gathering information about uninsured drivers at all times while being quicker than ever before when handling other cases because now they only have one form instead of two forms, which take twice as long.


For Alabama drivers, opting for a full-coverage plan is the only way to protect themselves from potential financial risks. With this policy, they will not have to worry about huge medical costs or vehicle damages because it covers those things, too!

Required Alabama Auto Insurance Coverage

Insurance is an important part of owning and operating a vehicle. In order for your car or truck to be registered with the state, you need proof that your auto insurance policy covers all drivers who use this automobile. If not, don’t even think about registering without ensuring there are enough people named insureds, including everyone from passengers riding alongside them to those driving their cars, too!

  •   Bodily injury liability: $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident
  •   Property damage liability: $25,000 per person
  •   Uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury: $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident*

*This coverage can be rejected.

Alabama Teen Driving Laws

In Alabama, young drivers must pass an exam and be at least 15 before driving independently with a learner’s permit. To obtain the first level of this license, teens need parental supervision during driving lessons for one year or until turning 18 whichever comes sooner. The teen needs to complete 30 hours of in-class instruction covering topics such as defensive driving skills and traffic laws along with 10 supervised practice drives outside school grounds where they get feedback from either a parent or instructor seated in the front seat over 21 years old. If successful, the driver will receive a provisional license which allows them solo operation when accompanied by someone age 25+ without any passengers under 20 unless otherwise permitted due to special circumstances (driving within city limits).

When you turn 16, your parents can sign off on a restricted license for their son or daughter. This means that before they can drive in any capacity (including during the daytime), they must first pass an exam of road skills and demonstrate 30 hours of behind-the-wheel practice with either driver’s ed classes or driving experience. Those looking to take advantage of these restrictions would be wise not to get caught between midnight and 6 AM unless accompanied by one parent, legal guardian, or another licensed adult over 21 years old who is awake now! Additionally, exceptions are made based on school schedules and employment/emergency situations.

The road skills exam is a way for the DMV to assess how well you know your car. If you’re 18 or older, all it takes is proof of identification and residency in order to get on the express lane, but if not, there’s still hope! You can start by getting six months under your belt with an unrestricted license before applying for one.

To apply for either type of driver’s license (unrestricted/regular), 17-year-olds need at least 6 months of experience as a restricted licensee unless they are over 18 years old and eligible to receive their full driving privileges immediately.

Alabama Vehicle Registration

For any motor vehicle needing a certificate, one must apply through the designated agents for their Alabama Certificate. The title fee is $15 and other commissions are due to these agents. Alabama demands that all cars be inspected before they are titled for the first time. After getting a license plate, you must pay your taxes and fees- like any other car purchase!

Alabama requires vehicles to be titled for the first time Alabama must submit their vehicle inspection reports from specifically designated agents before titles can be issued. The license issuing authority will collect necessary tax/fees and issue license plates after these particular authorities have completed an appropriate inspection. If you are moving to Alabama and have purchased a vehicle, it must be registered within 30 days.

Best Auto insurance companies in Alabama

To determine which insurers are writing the best auto insurance policies in Alabama, we considered the state’s top five companies (by market share) recent customer satisfaction scores, and average 2021 quoted premiums. Thankfully, there were several standout providers with great coverage at affordable rates! Each company was also rated based on how consumers rate them for factors like billing process or claims handling by using J.D Power’s Auto Insurance Study of consumer ratings from customers who have used a specific provider recently.

The average annual premium for an individual plan in the Southeast region is $2,718. J.D Power customer satisfaction scores are as follows:

ProviderAverage annual full coverage premiumJ.D. Power customer satisfaction score (Southeast region)
Alfa$2,138837 / 1,000
Allstate$1,313837 / 1,000
Geico$1,423843 / 1,000
Progressive$1,573828 / 1,000
State Farm$1,470859 / 1,000


Traveling in Alabama? Alfa Insurance Group offers specialized insurance expertise tailored to local drivers. With headquarters in Montgomery, AL, and 600 experienced agents across all 50 states, you’ll never be left without peace of mind driving on unfamiliar streets! For example Loss of use, the coverage pays for rental cars after an accident up to $100 increments each day–meaning that your vacation will not get ruined if there’s ever another storm like Hurricane Irma again. There are also discounts galore from home security systems just waiting for installation or discounted vehicle registrations with any car purchase over ten years old.”


Allstate is a car insurance company that has been making customers feel like they are in good hands for over 75 years. They offer many other benefits, including their claims satisfaction guarantee and coverage options. All Alabama drivers should take the time to talk with one of its agents about getting a quote or submitting any claim information because it offers some of the cheapest rates from $1,313 per year on average!


Geico offers some of the most affordable rates for car insurance, Alabama included. In addition to offering the second-cheapest average rate on our list (Alabama), they also offer a few discounts that will help you save even more money on your car insurance! Some great choices are 22% off if you have an accident-free history and 15% savings on new vehicles.


Progressive offers 24/7 customer support and innovative premium-saving tools to help you save. The company’s full coverage will cost an average of $1,573 annually for drivers who want a trustworthy option with many different ways to save on their insurance. In addition, Progressive has options like custom parts and equipment that might make it the perfect choice for those seeking more extensive coverage at an affordable price.

State Farm

State Farm is the largest car insurance provider in America. They are a popular choice for drivers seeking Alabama auto insurance due to their high financial strength rating of A++ (Superior) from AM Best and various policy types, such as full coverage at $1,470 per year or higher-than-average rates with discounts like Drive Safe & Save and Steer Clear.

Average car insurance cost in Alabama.

Alabama car owners pay an average annual premium of $1,623 to maintain full car coverage. This is significantly less than what Tennessee drivers paid: only about a third as much at just $1,338 per year. The reason for this may be because Alabama has more licensed drivers and lower traffic rates in general when compared with Georgia; higher insurance premiums are required where there’s potential for greater risk!

  • Average annual premium for minimum coverage in Alabama: $469
  • Average annual premium for full coverage in Alabama: $1,623

State minimum insurance requirements in Alabama

The states all have different requirements for how much coverage their drivers must carry. Alabama, among others, requires the minimum amount of liability car insurance to comply with state law. In Alabama, you must purchase:

  •   At least $25,000 bodily injury liability per person
  •   A minimum of $50,000 bodily injury liability per accident
  •   At least $25,000 property damage liability per accident.

Purchasing the minimum amount of car insurance will lead to an affordable rate, but experienced experts typically recommend purchasing additional coverage up to your financial ability in order to avoid high out-of-pocket expenses following a collision. Liability-only coverages are not sufficient protection for you and your vehicle as they do not cover damage from accidents or natural disasters like storms. Adding comprehensive and liability auto policies can be costly depending on your type of person (e.g., smoker vs nonsmokers). However, if these plans include other benefits such as rental reimbursement when traveling over 100 miles away from home then it may be worth looking into how much that benefit will cost annually versus paying higher premiums every month at another company with less.

How to get the best car insurance

When you want to find the best car insurance, many factors can help. One way is to consider how much coverage would be needed and what your budget may allow. Other things like safety features or if a driver has had any accidents should also factor into whether they will need higher liability limits than someone without such issues on their driving record might have.

When it comes down to finding the right auto policy, one needs to consider several different rate factors before making a final purchase decision based on these considerations and personal preferences regarding premiums vs benefits offered by various companies with an online quote form search tool.

Evaluate Your Needs

Imagine that you are looking to buy insurance for your car. It is important to compare prices from various companies, but evaluating what type of coverage would best fit your life situation is also good practice. For example, if you have a driving violation on record in the past few years and plan on keeping up this behavior then finding inexpensive rates may be more important than considering customer satisfaction or even meaningful coverages like original manufacturer parts which can cost additional money out-of-pocket during repairs! However, having clean records will allow you to spend less time worrying about getting into an accident either because maybe they happen so often where there’s always another way home without being ticketed again by the cops or just taking a chance at not coming across any accidents while

Consider State Factors

Insurance requirements and rules vary with each state, which may affect the coverage you need for your car. For example, Alabama is considered an at-fault state – in this case, if one party causes a collision that damages someone else’s property or person then their insurance must pay to cover any of those costs; while other states are not as strict about who pays what financial responsibility goes where when there has been damage done during accidents. Additionally, consider common factors such as how many uninsured drivers live in your area so consider these things before deciding on limits like liability protection from lawsuits and injury claims.

Car insurance discounts in Alabama

Alabama drivers can save on their car insurance premiums by switching to one of the state’s top companies, which offers discounts and various coverage options. Many common savings opportunities include discounts for:

Anti-theft devices: Imagine someone sneaking up to your vehicle, looking around for a way in. They’ve spotted the broken window and are reaching inside! All of sudden they hear this loud beeping sound coming from above them and it scares off their nerve because now they’re running away before even opening the door which is great news since you installed an anti-theft device on your car that alerts authorities when movement or tampering happens nearby

Loyalty: Why not save money and bundle your policies? Most insurance providers offer discounts if you insure more than one vehicle with them or buy multiple individual policies. Driver occupations or organizations: Drivers often insure their vehicles with certain companies because it benefits them. For instance, a driver who is also an educator may qualify for discounted rates through some insurance providers since educators typically spend less time on the road than other drivers and are considered safer drivers.

Telematics programs: Telematics programs are often offered by insurance companies and use a device installed in your car to track driving habits. If you drive at safe hours and keep smooth braking and reduced mileage rates, you may qualify for discounts!

Telematics is an exciting way that many insurers offer discounts based on the tracked driving behaviors of their clients using a small electronic device usually fitted into newer cars. When it comes to our safety while we’re behind the wheel these devices can be very helpful because they allow us not only to see where we’ve been but also how fast or slow we are going, if there were any sudden changes in speed or direction such friction brakes applied (think about all those sharp turns!), among other things too like whether windows have been opened or lights turned on.


You have to be prepared when it comes to auto insurance in Alabama. Auto insurance laws can vary by state and you want the best protection for your vehicle. Luckily, we’ve got all that information on our blog! Check out these articles so that you know what is required coverage for AL drivers and get a better idea about how much car insurance will cost in this beautiful southern state. We also talked with some top-rated companies operating in Alabama so don’t forget to check them out if you need help getting insured, too! Take care of yourself and your family, and ensure they are protected with the proper automobile coverage.

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