Auto Insurance in Arkansas: Get the Best Auto Insurance in Arkansas

The cost of auto insurance in Arkansas can greatly vary depending on factors like the driver’s age, location, and credit score. AutoInsuranceIT ranked Arkansas’ top insurers based on affordability, claims experience as well as customer service. To get an affordable rate for the coverage you need- we recommend getting a personalized quote from one or more companies rated highly on our list before making your final decision!

Auto Insurance in Arkansas

Cheapest Minimum Liability Car Insurance Companies and Quotes in Arkansas

Finding auto insurance quotes in Arkansas can be tricky due to the many factors that affect cost. A standard liability-only policy may provide enough coverage for drivers who meet state minimums and could save you money. The most affordable insurance providers in Arkansas are:

  • USAA: $304 per year (exclusively available for current and former military members)
  • GEICO: $373 per year

MetLife has the highest rates for those with a minimum liability package, at $1,039 annually.


Southern Farm Bureau$394$33

Here are the median costs for car insurance in Arkansas. Comparing quotes from multiple insurers can help you find the best rates on the coverage you need. The following are only samples of the insurance rates for an average Arkansas driver and should not be used to compare company prices.

AutoInsurenceIT EXPERT TIP

In Arkansas, drivers are required to have at least the minimum liability coverage of bodily injury and property damage. Drivers can opt for a full-coverage insurance plan that includes personal medical expenses to protect themselves from lawsuits in case of an accident.

Cheapest Coverage Car Insurance in Arkansas

Drivers in Arkansas should opt for a full coverage policy that includes comprehensive and collision coverage, which protects drivers from accidents with other vehicles and incidents while driving off-road. Many factors affect the cost of car insurance, including your age, credit score, and location. Getting multiple quotes from different carriers will help you find rates for policies with deductible levels that work best for your finances. The top 2 most affordable full-coverage car insurance providers in Arkansas are:

  • USAA: $663 per year (only available for military members, veterans and their families)
  • Southern Farm Bureau: $843 per year

MetLife has the highest full-coverage insurance rates in Arkansas. They charge an average premium of $1,918 per year.


Southern Farm Bureau$843$70
State Farm$1,012$84

These are the rates for comprehensive and collision insurance coverage on a policy with $100,000 bodily injury liability per person, $300,000 bodily injury coverage per accident, and $100,000 property damage coverage per person. When comparing quotes from multiple carriers, ensure you get the cheapest plan possible.

The Best Car Insurance Companies in Arkansas for 2021

The best insurance companies for your car in Arkansas are:

  • Best Overall: Auto-Owners
  • Runner-up: GEICO

The best car insurance in Arkansas is USAA by MoneyGeek’s rating system. However, it is not listed as a “best brand” (i.e. highest rated) because it only caters to military members, veterans, and their families. The pricing for car insurance depends on personal factors, including your driver’s identity and which company you choose in Arkansas.

List of the Largest Insurance Companies in Arkansas

A company’s market share is determined by dividing the written premiums from that particular company, not its competitors, by the total of all insurance premiums in a specific state. State Farm, Southern Farm Bureau, and Shelter are Arkansas’s top car insurance providers, based on market share. State Farm leads with 24.6%, followed by Southern Farm Bureau with 13.2% and Shelter with 8.7%.

When comparing auto insurance rates, it is important to balance affordability with stability. A high market share does not necessarily mean you will find Arkansas’s best car insurance.

  1. State Farm: 24.6%
  2. Southern Farm Bureau: 13.2%
  3. Shelter: 8.7%
  4. Progressive: 8.0%
  5. Allstate: 7.1%

How to Compare Cheap Arkansas Car Insurance Quotes Online

Online auto insurance quotes are a great tool for the modern consumer. These tips can help you find quotes that suit your specific needs online.

  • To help you find the best car insurance in Arkansas for your needs, MoneyGeek ranked the top insurers based on affordability and customer service. As a result of our research, it appears you could save $1,255 on average by considering quotes from these providers instead of those closest to you.
  • The best auto insurance rates in Arkansas are offered by USAA, GEICO, and Southern Farm Bureau.

What Is the Average Cost of Auto Insurance in Arkansas?

If you’re a 40-year-old male with an impeccable, clean driving record and are leasing the Toyota Camry, then your average annual premium for auto insurance in Arkansas is $1,114. If that’s not true of you, however, for example, if you have poor credit or had accidents on previous records, your premiums could be much higher than this.

Many factors affect the cost of coverage for drivers in Arkansas every year. MoneyGeek calculated what they think might be the typical price tag to cover comprehensive and collision insurance based on some basic criteria: being a 40-year-old man who owns his own home (or lives as part of joint ownership) drives around town behind the wheel of a Toyota Camry.

  • Average Driver: $1,189
  • DUI: $2,133
  • Speeding Ticket: $1,598
  • Poor Credit Score: $2,150
  • Seniors: $1,236
  • Students: $2,948

Cheapest Car Insurance for Drivers With a DUI in Arkansas

Certain driving violations, such as a DUI, will incur a higher insurance cost. In Arkansas, on average, drivers with a DUI violation pay $2,133 per year. Drivers without any violations can get an annual premium of just $1,189 depending on their chosen company.

In Arkansas, the cheapest full coverage insurance for drivers with a DUI conviction is:

  • Southern Farm Bureau: $1,010 per year
  • State Farm: $1,104 per year

While USAA is often the cheapest option for many different types of Arkansas drivers, they rank third on our list for DUI coverage based on price.


Southern Farm Bureau$1,010$84
State Farm$1,104$92

When drinking and driving, the risk of property damage, injury, or death is high. The Centers for Disease Control reports that 1,475 people were killed in vehicle accidents where alcohol was a factor during the period 2009-2018. In Arkansas alone, 164 out of every 10 thousand drivers admitted to drinking too much 30 days before being surveyed.

One consequence of a DUI is increased car insurance premiums. If you need to get insured, comparing quotes could save you significant amounts compared to your insurer’s preset rates.

Higher auto insurance premiums are a regular, long-term consequence of DUI. The cost will likely remain high for at least 10 years after the infraction–sometimes more. Comparing quotes on annual or monthly coverage could bring down your annual car insurance bills by as much as $1,255 per year.

Cheapest Car Insurance for Drivers With Tickets in Arkansas

Drivers with a clean driving history have the cheapest rates of $1,189 per year. Drivers with minor violations pay up to $1,598 for insurance annually. The cheapest providers of full coverage auto insurance for drivers with speeding tickets in Arkansas are:

  • USAA: $780 per year (only available for military members, veterans and their families)
  • GEICO: $866 per year

Though all insurers provide very different rates, USAA is the best choice for drivers with a clean record and those without violations. GEICO offers more sustainable coverage for drivers with speeding tickets or other violations on their driving history.


Southern Farm Bureau$914$76
State Farm$1,104$92

Arkansas law prohibits texting while driving, and Distracted Driving is cited as a leading cause of fatal crashes in the United States. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) data, 472 Arkansas crashes were attributed to distracted driving in 2018. Auto insurance rates can be influenced by tickets for any violation, so if you recently received a speeding or distracting driving ticket, shop around for affordable coverage.

Driving in a risky manner has consequences that extend beyond the fines and penalties you would have to pay for committing such an offense. For example, this includes higher car insurance premiums due to your poor driving history.

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in Arkansas for Drivers With Bad Credit

Drivers with poor credit scores face higher car insurance premiums than good ones. Gas prices vary worldwide, depending on where you live and how old your car is! The most affordable companies for drivers with bad credit scores in Arkansas are:

  • USAA: $1,073 per year (only available for military members, veterans and their families)
  • GEICO: $1,356 per year

Southern Farm Bureau, which ranks second for affordability to average drivers, slips to third place when comparing rates with poor driver credit.


Southern Farm Bureau$1,374$115

Rates from car insurance policies are often personalized based on factors such as the driver’s location, age, and credit score. Related: Arkansas’s average FICO credit score is lower than the national average. According to Experian, the average FICO credit score in Arkansas in 2019 was 683 while the national average is 703, meaning cheaper car insurance rates for drivers with a low credit ranking.

You can find discounts on your auto insurance by working to increase your credit score. When you are getting car insurance rates, be sure to compare prices from multiple insurers who offer competitive coverage rates to find the most affordable option for your needs.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Arkansas for Seniors

Seniors in Arkansas pay more for car insurance than middle-aged drivers and young adults. The average annual cost for senior drivers is $1,236, slightly higher than the average international driver rate of $970. AutonsurenceIT found the cheapest auto insurers for seniors are Allstate ($663) and State Farm($693). These rates represent a potential savings of more than $500 compared to the most expensive company, GEICO, which charges an annual premium of $992 on average.

Top auto insurance companies for young adults

For young drivers who have not yet had any accidents or violations on their records but are eager to get car insurance as soon as possible, AutonsurenceIT has ranked several affordable options that offer quality coverage at low prices. The best auto insurer is The General because it offers competitive premiums without charging higher basic rates based on gender or marital.

The most affordable full-coverage car insurance providers for seniors in Arkansas are:

  • USAA: $718 per year (only available for military members, veterans and their families)
  • Southern Farm Bureau: $752 per year

The most expensive company on this list is MetLife. Their rates for seniors in Arkansas average at nearly $1,764 per year.


Southern Farm Bureau$752$63
State Farm$997$83

Insurance rates vary depending on personalized factors and could increase as you age. Nationwide, 116 senior citizens were killed in traffic accidents in 2017 out of a total of 1,531 fatalities- this is 16.8%¹ of all deaths. Asking for discounts can help you save money on your car insurance. Senior drivers may be able to obtain a discount if they drive infrequently, complete driver safety programs, and select a car with strong safety features.

In Arkansas, all drivers must renew their driver’s licenses in person and pass a vision test every four years. There are no additional requirements for seniors. However, insurance rates may increase with age. Comparing quotes can help ensure you’re still getting the best deal each year.

Cheapest Car Insurance for Students in Arkansas

Car insurance companies in Arkansas believe parents with student drivers to be a high-risk group due to their lack of experience. Naturally, they pay much more than other groups with similar coverage needs. The average cost of automobile coverage for students is $2,948 per year; this comes close to three times that paid by people over 40. The most affordable rates on full coverage for students are offered by:

  • Allstate: $2,518 per year
  • State Farm: $2,998 per year

Progressive and State Farm are neck-and-neck when it comes to Arkansas car insurance prices, with both averaging around $3,061 annually.


State Farm$2,998$250

The teen driver’s guide to insurance in Arkansas is simple: Liability coverage of at least $25,000 for bodily injury or death of one person; $50,000 for two or more people and up to $25,00 for property damage. It gets a little trickier when you’re looking into the cost of your premium though. You can expect it to go up if your child drives an SUV instead of a midsize sedan, but talk with their agent about discounts that depend on whether they attend school full-time or not.

Arkansas car insurance rates are based on many factors, including the driver’s age, location, and history. Thousands of students from other states attend Arkansas annually, leading some to forgo an Arkansas driver’s license and insure out-of-state. Always notify your insurance carrier when taking your vehicle out of state for more than 30 days. Don’t loan your car to friends; in Arkansas, the owner is liable for any damages that result from an accident where the driver was at fault. The following table estimates what parents of college-aged drivers in Arkansas can expect to pay.

Insurance Rate Information for Military Drivers and Veterans

Whether you’re a veteran or one of 3,000+ active duty military personnel enlisted in the state, discounts on auto insurance are available.  For military personnel who live in Arkansas but are stationed elsewhere, car registration and insurance requirements are the same as for a state resident.  Military personnel based in Arkansas must carry at least the minimum coverage like everyone else, although they are exempt from personal property taxes. You will get the best rates by comparing rates with at least three companies. Discounts for veterans and military personnel might require a clean driving record. Arkansas requires drivers to carry liability coverage for all vehicles they drive.

Proof of Insurance in Arkansas

Arkansas law requires drivers to provide proof of insurance if requested by:

  • The Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration: The Department of Finance and Administration (DFA) identifies uninsured vehicles using an online database.
  • A police officer: If your insurance card is lost or stolen, you can have a copy in the glove compartment of your car or on your cell phone.

Minimum Liability Insurance Requirements in Arkansas

In Arkansas, it is illegal for a driver to operate a vehicle without insurance:

  • $25,000 for bodily injury or death of one person in any one accident
  • $50,000 for bodily injury or death of two or more persons in any one accident
  • $25,000 for damage to or destruction of the property of others

If you are a college graduate older than 55 and have completed defensive driving, your car insurance company has a higher chance of discounting your premium.

High-Risk Auto Insurance Program in Arkansas

Vehicle insurance is compulsory in Arkansas. Those who can’t find a policy from an insurance company can apply for the Arkansas Automobile Assigned Risk Plan.

How Much Coverage Do You Need in Arkansas?

When shopping for car insurance in Arkansas, consider a few important factors. First off, it is recommended that you get liability coverage of at least $100,000 per injury and $300,000 per accident. Additionally, uninsured motorist coverage will protect you if hit by an uninsured driver. Collision and comprehensive insurance will cover your vehicle following accidents or natural disasters.


Little Rock$1,189$99


Insneed has made a list of top insurance companies in Arkansas. We know that when it comes to auto coverage, finding the right company with an affordable rate can be hard for you as well as your wallet! That’s why we compiled this list- so you have all the information you need before deciding. The next time you’re looking for car insurance quotes, check out our list and get personalized rates from one or more rated highly on the list before selecting a final option. You’ll thank us later!

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