Auto Insurance in Florida: Saving Money on Car Insurance in Florida

You’ve probably heard that auto insurance in Florida is expensive, but you might not know why. Insneed ranked Florida’s top car insurance providers based on price, customer satisfaction, and other important parameters to help you select the best car insurance for your needs. Age, location, and driving history are just a few factors that influence auto premiums, so it makes sense to get multiple quotes from different providers. Autoinsuranceit’s ratings illustrate a potential savings of $1,788 when comparing auto insurance rates from affordable companies in Florida.

Auto Insurance in Florida

Cheapest Minimum Liability Car Insurance Companies and Quotes in Florida

A minimum liability coverage policy is the cheapest car insurance in Florida. This plan only covers other drivers’ costs if you are at fault and does not cover your expenses. The cheapest car insurance companies in Florida are:

  • USAA: $406 per year (only available to former and current military members)
  • GEICO: $590 per year

The most expensive car insurance for the minimum coverage is Progressive, which costs $1,564 per year.

Average Cost For Liability Coverage

Please keep in mind these are only averages and should serve as a guideline for comparing rates between insurers. Price estimates are only accurate for an average driver and should not be used to compare rates.

AutoInsurenceIT EXPERT TIP

Florida’s minimum coverage policy is the cheapest available but only covers property damage liability and personal injury protection. Consumers looking to protect themselves against higher costs or cover damages that are done to their car should purchase a full coverage policy instead.

Cheapest Coverage Auto Insurance in Florida

Do you want to be the one with a higher risk-taking potential and always on the lookout for accidents? If so, then why not buy full-coverage car insurance in Florida? You can enjoy protection against incidents that happen both off-road and roadside with this policy including liability limits of $300,000/$600,000 or even more depending upon your preference and how much cover it offers overall.

It costs less than minimum coverage but provides better safety features such as comprehensive and collision covers which shield against damages incurred by our vehicle irrespective of whether they happened while driving along roadsides or at any other place where vehicles are present! Find out about cheap rates from multiple providers today before making up your mind! The most affordable car insurance carriers in Florida for full coverage auto insurance are:

  • USAA: $940 per year (only available to former and current military members)
  • GEICO: $1,337 per year

Progressive’s car insurance policies are expensive, with full coverage costing an average of $2,728 annually.

Average Comprehensive And Collision Rates In Florida

With the prices listed above, you get your policy with comprehensive and collision insurance. With $100,000 in bodily injury liability coverage per person and $300,000 in bodily injury liability coverage for accidents as well as property damage of up to 100K that is included on top of what might be covered by an at-fault driver’s insurer (i.e., another vehicle), this should put a smile on anyone’s face who has ever been involved in an accident or feared potential financial ruin from it!

Best Auto Insurance Companies in Florida for 2021

Based on Autoinsuranceit’s study, The best car insurance companies for most drivers in Florida are:

  • Best Overall: Esurance
  • Runner-up: GEICO

USAA is one of the most trustworthy insurance companies, according to Autoinsuranceit’s rating system. The company has an A+, which places it in the top 95% of best-performing insurers for auto insurance across Florida and nationally. But because USAA only serves those who serve our country – military members, veterans, and their families. This rating service does not list them as being among America’s Best Car Insurance Companies overall.

Autoinsuranceit listed Florida’s top automobile insurance companies by various factors, including affordability, customer satisfaction, and claims payment ability. For each company, Autoinsuranceit collected information from AM Best’s financial strength assessments and J.D. Power’s U.S. Auto Insurance Study to ensure the rankings are robust and accurate, applying equal weight to both studies and other factors such as affordability of rates by insurance providers in Florida.

List of the Largest Insurance Companies in Florida

In Florida, the three largest insurers are GEICO (25.2%), Progressive (18.3%), and State Farm Insurance Group Incorporated (14.7%). These big insurance providers have higher levels of financial stability because they write more policies than smaller companies, which means that customers can almost always make legitimate claims for reimbursement from their premiums if a company’s rates may not be as competitive relative to other firms in the marketplace at any given time or location across county lines according to your needs when you’re shopping coverage options online with one simple form submission process!

How to Compare Cheap Florida Car Insurance Quotes Online

It’s a bit sad that in this day and age, you can’t simply go to your local agent or insurance company for quotes. The good news is there are so many great options out there online at sites like ours! You need an idea of what coverage limits you want before entering them as parameters into the calculator on our site; then we’ll give you all sorts of carrier-specific quotes with accurate price points. So whether it be homeowners, renters’ Â insurance, or auto coverage, check us out first! Cheap car insurance in Florida starts with USAA, GEICO, and Allstate. These three carriers offer liability coverage at a better price than all of their competitors.

What Is the Average Cost of Auto Insurance in Florida?

Insurance premiums are calculated with various factors in mind. A study by MoneyGeek, for instance, found that the average rate for 100/300/100 coverage on a Toyota Camry of a 40-year-old male was $1,372 per year and this is the case where every factor plays into account such as age or driving history. This means you can expect to pay more or less than these averages depending on different variables, including your location and other information about yourself, like previous accidents.

Various factors play into calculating insurance premiums but one major variable includes how much risk there would be if they were not insured because their car could get damaged from an accident and might have to go through expensive repair work.

  • Average Driver: $2,208
  • DUI: $3,763
  • Speeding Ticket: $2,902
  • Poor Credit Score: $4,371
  • Seniors: $2,325
  • Students: $5,001

What You Need to Know

Why do you need Florida car insurance if visiting the state for more than 90 days per year? Are “snowbirds” required to have coverage in order to be able to travel through all of our beautiful states with ease and without worry about getting pulled over by a local law enforcement officer who will ask them why they don’t have a valid registration or proper documentation, such as an international driver’s license?

The normal rule is that every vehicle registered in Florida must carry adequate liability insurance; however, snowbird visitors are not exempt from this requirement even when their stay outside of the State exceeds ninety (90) consecutive days per calendar year so it would behoove any visitor coming down here during these winter months.

Proof of Insurance in Florida

Carriers must produce an ID card when stopped by the police so insured drivers must carry one and display it after an accident. In Florida, the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles will send a notice requiring new insurance information if your auto insurer notifies them that you’ve canceled your PIP coverage policy.

If you need to show proof of insurance, but it is not available because there was a lapse in coverage or for other reasons, you must pay a $150 fee for the first offense. If your license and plates are suspended due to a lack of proof of insurance, they will be suspended for up to three years.

Minimum Liability Insurance Requirements in Florida

In Florida, all people with a car must have these levels of coverage:

  • $10,000 Personal Injury Protection (PIP)
  • $10,000 Property Damage Liability (PDL)

Alternatives to Insurance in Florida

Florida residents have few options but more resources than states with less strict car insurance laws. You can fulfill your financial responsibility obligation by:

  • You need to post a surety bond.
  • Deposit cash or securities with DHSMV to get a license.
  • If you want to drive, the DMV needs proof that you have enough money and are insured.

How Much Coverage Do You Need in Florida?

Personal injury protection and property damage liability are important for any car owner. Experts recommend getting insurance with at least $100,000 in coverage per accident or injury because accidents always happen! Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and Property Damage Liability (PDL) can be confusing topics when purchasing a new vehicle but experts advise it is best to research these options before making an informed decision about what type of policy will work best for your needs while still staying within budget constraints.

There are two types of auto insurance: collision and comprehensive. Collision coverage pays for damage to your vehicle caused by things like car accidents or running into a tree. Comprehensive insurance covers damages from non-traffic situations, such as fires or floods that may not be the driver’s fault. In addition to purchasing a policy for your vehicle, you might consider getting uninsured motorist protection.


So, what does this all mean? Well, it means that Florida auto insurance is expensive. But you probably knew that already! The good news is there are several things you can do to make your car insurance cheaper. Get quotes from different providers and compare rates based on the parameters we’ve outlined above. You might be surprised by how much money you save with a little effort! And remember – if nothing else works for you, contact us as our team of experts would love a chance to help find competitively priced coverage tailored specifically to your needs at an affordable price. It’s time for some peace of mind in these uncertain times – let’s get started today!

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