Auto Insurance in Maine: Know Your Rights as a Drive

Auto insurance is a must-have in Maine and is required by law. Auto injuries are a major problem in Maine with about 28% of all residents injured annually. A driver can be the cause of an accident due to their own negligence or carelessness. In most cases, they will be held liable for any damages they caused to another individual who was not at fault.

Auto Insurance in Maine

The most common injuries in accidents are normally cuts, sprains, broken bones and fractures. The bodily injury liability coverage of your Maine auto insurance policy will cover medical expenses for you or another driver up to the limits set by your insurance company. If the accident is not your fault then this is an excellent way to protect yourself financially. If someone else is at fault for your injuries then they will be held responsible for your medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering. It should be noted that the other driver’s liability insurance will also cover these damages; however, it will not pay one cent until its policy limits are met.

Coverage in Maine without Insurance

If someone has no insurance in Maine but is required by law to get it, they will be considered uninsured. If the other driver does not have liability coverage, your damages may be covered under Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist Coverage; this would help pay for medical bills and lost wages if you are involved in an accident with someone who does not have liability coverage. If the accident is caused by a hit-and-run driver then this would also help cover your expenses.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Maine

Auto insurance in Maine is expensive. The cheapest auto insurance is generally given to those who have good driving records, and are insuring only the minimum coverage required by law and for older or smaller cars. Some companies will offer discounts if you have no traffic violations within the past 3 years, hold a defensive driving course certificate, are employed with major companies, are retired, are on multiple car policies or have more than one insured driver on the same policy.

Some of these discounts may not apply to all drivers in Maine. Check with your insurance company before declining any discount that might help you save money. If no discounts apply then call around and find out how much different companies would charge you to cover your insurance and compare rates.

Best Car Insurance Companies

New England Mutual – This company has been around since 1851 and offers various coverage options for cars, homes, renters, motorcycles and businesses in Maine. Company headquarters are located at One Congress Street Portland ME 04101-4609.

  • Allstate – This company offers auto, home and life insurance services to the residents of Maine. They have been around for over 70 years doing more than just offering cheap insurance rates in Maine. Company headquarters are located at 303 Congress Street 5th Floor Portland ME 04101-4043.
  • State Farm – The third-largest car insurance provider in the United States, State Farm offers Maine residents auto and home insurance services. Headquartered at 338 Congress Street Portland ME 04101-4035 they offer various coverage options and prices.
  • Auto-Owners – This company is headquartered at 74 Campus Avenue Scarborough, ME 04074 and is one of the top ten largest car insurance companies in the United States. Auto-Owners offers car insurance and home insurance services to motorists in Maine.
  • GTAA Insurance Company – Their headquarters are at 34 Sewall Street Suite 401 Augusta, ME 04330 and they offer auto, home and life insurance options to people living in Maine.

Cheapest Full Coverage in Maine

There is a large variety of different coverage options for car insurance in Maine. Some of the most common types are liability, collision, comprehensive and uninsured motorist coverage.

  • Liability Coverage – This type of auto insurance will pay for damages caused by you to other parties or their property. The limits can be raised up to $300,000 per person/$500,000 per accident subject to state maximums however if someone is injured in an accident they will be compensated for their medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering.
  • Collision Coverage – This type of auto insurance will pay for damages to your own vehicle when it collides with another car, tree, animal, or stationary object. Generally, you are required to carry a deductible on collision coverage.
  • Comprehensive Coverage – This type of auto insurance will pay for damages to your car not caused by colliding with another object such as fire, theft or vandalism. However, this coverage usually has a deductible, which could be anywhere from $50 to $1,000. Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage – If you are involved in an accident with someone who has no insurance or insufficient insurance to cover the damages you will be covered under this type of coverage. However, if your health insurance plan has accident benefits, it might pay for injuries and damage instead of uninsured motorist coverage.

Best Car Insurance Companies in Maine

  • New England Mutual – New England Mutual offers Maine residents car and home insurance services. They have been in business for over 160 years and are headquartered at One Congress Street Portland ME 04101-4609.
  • Allstate – Allstate offers car, home and life insurance services to the state of Maine. For over 70 years they have been helping people protect what they own by offering quality coverage options at affordable prices. Get a free quote today by calling (207) 623-5210 or visiting their website here.
  • Automobile Club of Maine – The Automobile Club of Maine has been serving the people of Maine for over 100 years. They offer car insurance coverage options to people all across the state and are headquartered at 306 Saint John Street Portland ME 04102-2526.
  • Geico – Geico Insurance Company offers auto insurance services to drivers living in Maine with premiums as low as $680 a year. They have been doing business for over 75 years and are located at 30 Bangor Road Scarborough, ME 04074-2971. State Farm – State Farm is the third-largest provider of car insurance in the US and is local to Maine as well. They provide car insurance programs for people all across the state and are headquartered at 338 Congress Street Portland ME 04101-4035.

Compare Maine Quotes Online

People looking to save on their car insurance in Maine can compare quotes online. Enter your zip code into the free Insurance Quotes comparison tool and compare prices from top companies.

Cheap Coverage Car Insurance in Maine

Many people living in Maine opt for a full-coverage auto insurance plan which covers both damages done to their own vehicle and to other people and property. Many factors affect the price of this type of auto insurance, so you should compare rates from at least three companies before deciding on a specific policy.

Drivers With an Accident in Maine

If you have had an accident or traffic violation within the past three years your car insurance rates will go up. Accidents and violations may also impact your insurance rates if you are a college student attending school in another state and commuting to Maine for school (see Student Drivers below).

Drivers With Tickets in Maine

If you have received traffic tickets within the past three years, whether for speeding or not wearing a seat belt, it will affect your car insurance rates.

Drivers With Bad Credit in Maine

Insurance companies look at your credit score to determine the risk you pose when buying a policy, and this information can impact your monthly premiums. If your credit score is not good you may need to pay higher monthly premiums than someone with an excellent credit score. If possible, you should improve your credit score before applying for car insurance.

Seniors in Maine

If you are over 55, some factors can affect how high or low your monthly premiums will be compared to other drivers, such as where you live. Seniors living in rural areas with low crime rates will pay less on their monthly premiums than those living in high crime rate areas.

Drivers With a DUI in Maine

If you have been convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) your car insurance rates will increase, and it is possible to lose your license and spend time in jail if you violate this law again. Getting caught with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08% or greater means you will automatically lose your license for a minimum of 90 days as well as be fined up to $600. In addition, punishments for people caught with a BAC over the legal limit include possible jail time depending on their blood alcohol concentration and whether it is their first offence.

Drivers With a Lot of Tickets in Maine

If you have received multiple traffic tickets within the last three years then your car insurance rates will likely go up when you renew your policy. Each ticket or accident can impact your premiums, and if you are in an accident or receive a speeding ticket while on the probationary period for another violation, your license may be suspended.

Military Drivers in Maine

Drivers from the military will have to choose from a variety of coverage options that are available as well as pay for their premiums on a monthly basis. Some insurance companies offer discounts for those who are serving or have served in the military and depending on your location you may be able to find a provider that will allow you to make payments through the mail or online.

Student Drivers in Maine

If you are a college student attending school in another state but commuting back to your home in Maine at least once a month, you may be able to get cheaper car insurance if you buy your policy while living in your other state. College students who live away from home and use their vehicles for commuting purposes may get lower rates than those living on campus.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Maine

Car insurance prices vary depending on several factors, including your age, credit score, driving history, model of the car you are insuring as well as where you live. Maine drivers have different options available when it comes to car insurance rates, including choosing the coverage they need based on their budget. The cheapest car insurance in Maine can be found through several different providers that are available online.

Good Drivers in Maine

If you have never received a traffic ticket or been involved in an accident, your car insurance premiums will reflect this and may even be lower than those who have been convicted of a traffic violation or involved in an accident.


The post has provided helpful information on Maine car insurance law and the importance of having it. As you can see, injury rates in Maine are high due to accidents caused by negligence or carelessness. By following these tips for protecting yourself from auto injuries like cuts, sprains, broken bones and fractures covered under your police’s bodily injury liability coverage, you may be able to avoid some costly medical bills that could potentially lead to bankruptcy if left untreated. If this guide has helped answer any questions about getting an affordable auto insurance plan for residents of Maine please let me know! I’m happy to provide more helpful advice on how best to protect yourself from future accident-related injuries.

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