Auto Insurance in Maryland: Regression Analysis by City

Whether you’re a new motorist or an experienced driver, getting car insurance in Maryland is a must. Fortunately, there are many auto insurance companies competing for your business and all it takes to find the best policy is a little research. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the top-rated insurers – Progressive, State Farm and Allstate – and provide you with tips on how to find the policy that best meets your needs.

Auto Insurance in Maryland

At its most basic level, car insurance is designed to help protect you and your vehicle from financial loss in the event of an accident. It also doubles as a legal form of identification required by the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA). Regardless of your vehicle’s make and model, age or marital status – we’ve got you covered. The first step to getting the right policy is to compare rates from several different providers to ensure you get the best deal.

Insurance companies use a variety of factors such as your driving record, credit score and type of car when determining what to charge you for coverage. These three items can have a significant impact on how much you end up paying for insurance every month. Virginia ranks as the fifth most expensive state when it comes to car insurance premiums in 2011, according to The average annual premium in Virginia was $1,974, and Maryland’s average rate was $1,232.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Maryland

If your car is on the cheaper end of the spectrum, you’ll likely find it easier to get cheap Maryland car insurance. Although having a high-end vehicle may make it easier to cover the monthly payments required for full coverage, drivers with expensive autos are also at risk of having claims denied depending on their insurer’s discretion.

Cheap Full Coverage in Maryland

A high-risk driver is defined as anyone with accidents, speeding tickets, or other violations on their record that may lead to higher premiums. Therefore, if you have a clean driving record for the past three years it might be worth your while to opt out of comprehensive and collision coverage (which will save you money). With this type of discount, you will be liable for any damages to your car in the event of an accident up to its current cash value.

The best way to get a sense of rates from top-rated insurance companies is by comparing online quotes from several providers using an independent, third-party site such as Please note that this article was not written by an insurance company and we do not receive any financial compensation from the companies mentioned in this article.

Best Car Insurance Companies

Maryland’s top car insurance companies are Progressive, State Farm and Allstate. These insurers ranked either first or second when it comes to customer satisfaction. Depending on your preferences you may find that one of these companies offers the best balance between cost and service. State Farm – With more than 18,000 employees, State Farm is one of the largest insurance companies in America. They are well known for their excellent customer service record as well as their low rates.

Allstate – Consumers have expressed overwhelming satisfaction with both the rate they pay for insurance as well as customer service. Allstate has over 13,000 employees and currently serves approximately 16 million auto policies. Progressive – Progressive offers a wide variety of coverage options for Maryland drivers at competitive rates. Their products are well known for their quality and command the state’s largest market share with approximately 55 per cent of all car insurance policies.

Compare Maryland Quotes Online

There are several different ways to get an online quote for Maryland car insurance. The first is by simply answering a few questions about your age, marital status and home address on any of the major insurance provider websites by using their quick quote form. These sites will ask about your driving record as well as the number of miles you drive per year. Once you input this information, the site will give you a variety of quotes to choose from.

Another way to get fast quotes is by using independent websites such as or NerdWallet. These sites provide free comparative quotes from multiple companies based on your zip code and other personal information such as your driving history and credit score. The benefit of using this method is that it takes far less time to get a quote as well as you can compare rates from multiple companies at once.

Drivers With a DUI in Maryland

A first offence for driving under the influence (DUI) will result in an average annual rate increase of $1,000 over five years according to A second offence will cost an average of $5,000 more per year to insure than someone with a clean driving record.

Drivers With Tickets in Maryland

A minor infraction such as speeding will cause your rates to increase by around $300 each year if it is the first time you have received one. Your premium may be higher than usual if you have received several such speeding tickets within a short period of time. See the rates with and without accidents below to see how this will affect your costs in Maryland:

Drivers With Bad Credit in Maryland

If you have a bad credit score in Maryland, it will cost you more than someone whose credit score is excellent. The average annual premium for someone with bad credit in the state of Maryland is around $1,500, while their higher-rated counterparts are expected to pay around $960 – which still isn’t cheap!

Seniors in Maryland

According to, drivers over the age of 50 could be paying as much as 20 per cent more for auto insurance.

Military Drivers in Maryland

Due to the nature of military service, where soldiers are often deployed far from home, they may face higher premiums than drivers who do not serve our country. However, if you can provide verifiable proof that your deployment is causing financial difficulties due to your increase in rate, you may be eligible for a discount based on the hardship you are facing.

Car Insurance in Maryland

The average cost of car insurance in Maryland is $1,285 per year according to, which breaks down to about $118 each month. This means that over 50 per cent of drivers in all three major cities in Maryland spend less than $100 a month for their car insurance, while half of all drivers pay more than that amount.


The average cost of car insurance in Maryland is $1,285 per year according to, which breaks down to about $118 each month. This means that over 50 per cent of drivers in all three major cities in Maryland spend less than $100 a month for their car insurance, while half of all drivers pay more than that amount. If you’ve been looking for the cheapest rates on your new or used vehicle and have finally found them with us at Progressive Insurance® – it might be time to stop reading this blog post! But first, we want to offer you some helpful tips from our experts so you can keep saving money by getting the best coverage possible for as long as possible.

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